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2014 Newsletter January

Written by Lynette Pieterse on Friday, 31 July 2015 15:20

Dear Members

Before we start with 2014 issues, allow me to do something I neglected in my rush towards the end of 2013. A sincere thank you to all who have supported SAIIE in the advancement of our Profession, and our Institute.

I introduced the slogan “A vibrant society, a vibrant future”, in my inaugural talk in August last year. Behind the scenes, all stops are being pulled out in realising this vision. We trust that you would become as excited as we are about the initiatives that we have planned for this year, which we will share with you as they are launched.

The SAIIE website is the primary interface amongst us, and for promoting our Profession to the public at large. After a frustrating period during which the SAIIE website was down due to hacking more often than it was working, we have re-launched our web-presence, as an integral part of the on-line membership management system that we have implemented last year. Having been relatively close to the development of our online portal, it was exciting to experience its (rather unofficial) launch on 15 January. I was even more excited to learn that the first comment was posted on the website within hours after its launch, seeing that the chat function working exactly the way in which it was intended. Ultimately, this function would be expanded to offer you even more opportunity to interact with one another on specific topics, and with the Council and other SAIIE leadership bodies. Thanks for breaking the ice Imre, posting the comment on 10:00 hours towards mastery!

The Council is working with our technical and other partners towards creating a dynamic and interactive communication platform, filled with meaningful information. We will keep you posted as we upload new content, and as we launch new functionality, such as career pages, a supplier catalogue, membership management, CPD manager, and many other features that are currently in the making. One of the key features that was launched during the third week of January is an application for online registration for the SAIIE 26 Conference, that is due to take place later this year.

An initiative close to my heart is that of offering better support to Industrial Engineering practitioners who have made a resolution to pursue their Professional Registration. A road show, which would focus on Professional Registration, and how to plug into support to help you achieve this important career milestone is in the pipeline for February. Subject to interest, I am visiting the major centres, talking about the Road to Registration for both younger candidate engineers, as well as mature practitioners who wish to get Professional Registration behind them with the least pain involved. Kindly revert to Lynette Pieterse, SAIIE Office Bearer, should you wish to reserve your place, or if you know of colleagues in other engineering disciplines that may be interested.

We are approaching the end of an era where it did not really matter whether Industrial Engineering practitioners were professionally registered. Times are changing however. For example, all spheres of Government insist on a Professional Registration designation when appointing engineering contractors or consultants, regardless of discipline or category of registration. Furthermore, the SETAs and Department of Higher Education are waking up to the fact that their emphasis on skills development for the roll-out of The National Development Plan need to embrace the development of engineering practitioners, even more so than the artisans that they have traditionally focused on. The SETAs are now increasingly funding Engineering Candidate development programmes, in the context of many of the engineering disciplines (including Industrial Engineering) featuring on the NationalGovernment’s Priority Scarce Skills list. Accessing SETA funding in support of the development of engineering candidates would be one of the topics I will address in the talk on Registration.

You may recall that many of the communique you received in the past year was about Industrial Engineers seeking mentors for Professional Registration. As part of the initiative on registration, I would like to call on all experienced and registered Industrial Engineers who would be interested in pursuing mentoring of registered candidates, on either a full-time or a part-time basis. Mentoring could be a viable exit career for experienced retired individuals who wish to supplement their income whilst staying involved with the Profession. Kindly direct your interest to President@SAIIE.co.za, should you, or anyone you know, wish to find out how to become involved.

One of the highlights we ended on last year was the Workplace Readiness drive, hosted by the Tshwane Branch, and organised by the dynamic Keabetswe Mpane and her team. A video that captures the highlights of the event is available on the website. Well done Kea for initiating this important event!

Congratulations to Jacques Faure, who recently joined the Council as a co-opted Member. Jacques will partner Grace Mukondeleli in the development of student branches, focusing on membership growth and the specific needs of our student cohort.

In conclusion, although things on our website are not totally the way we want it, we are working really hard to rectify the situation. Please bear with us.

We look forward to your comments and views, posted on our new online platform!

Carien Botha Pr Eng
SAIIE President

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