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Membership Benefits

Posted by Lynette Pieterse on Friday, 6 June 2014 13:27

Knowledge and Support

  • A top website - your link with your profession. Constantly updated, a pleasure to navigate! Our online platform enables you to perform the following activities:

    1. Career Module (Job Vacancies), this will allow companies to advertise positions that is available within their organisations, by the click of a button, and you as a Member of SAIIE can apply for any of these positions. If you have selected certain options, companies can also view your CV for possible positions within the organisation. SAIIE members just need to complete their online CV, and yes, this is free of charge.
    2. Knowledge share platform – Have you ever had a situations where you were looking for additional information regarding our industry, nobody to talk to or not the forum to ask these questions, well the knowledge share platform enables you to ask these questions and get the answers. You can add links, video’s and images to your post, you can also subscribe to interesting topics that are begin discussed or you can just share what you have learned or experienced on the exclusive Member knowledge share platform.
    3. We have implemented 2 events calendars, one for our annual conference and one for our online training and smaller seminars. Please go and view these events and register and attend these sessions. Where applicable, these events will be linked to the CPD Manger.
    4. As a growing Voluntary Association, SAIIE has realised that we can assist our Professionals by managing their CPD points, this CPD Manager will track you CPD points. Pro-actively, the system will advise you when points are needed and it which category, and yes, where you can find this.
    5. Secure online payment options and up to date account information for all SAIIE members.  


  • South African Journal of Industrial Engineering -highly acclaimed internationally, providing members with the cutting edge of South African Industrial Engineering innovations and advances. Available online on the SAIIE website

  • Professional Registration - with the law changing, all practicing engineers will need professional registration. We provide advice as well as mentors and can connect you with the right people locally or abroad as well as the opportunity to register online to attend the Road to Registration Courses for Mentors or Candidates. 
  • Significant Discount - on your Professional registration fee if you are a SAIIE Member. 


SAIIE members can network through the networking options on the SAIIE website. Through various functions such as the SAIIE annual conference, local branch activities and events, you can identify and connect with your peers to benchmark, share ideas and get advice to meet the challenges of your job. Through the SAIIE - IIE link you also have access to the international arena


  • SAIIE Annual Conference - a highlight of the year, this is your opportunity to learn about ground breaking IE theories and World Class practical implementations at a discounted rate. Top class talks from various Industry gurus provide you an opportunity to learn from the best. Gain wide industry exposure through presenting papers to the SAIIE audience.
  • Regular SAIIE Special Interest Group events - attend free of charge. 
  • Link to Training Centres - SAIIE has well-established links to many of the IE training centres throughout South Africa.

Community Development

SAIIE is a member-led organisation. Members serve on various branches and at council level, providing innovative leadership throughout the organisation. You can take part in developing Industrial Engineering in our community and help create a colourful tomorrow for the next generation. Our relationship with the educational bodies is a focus area so that we can stay in touch with the next generation of Industrial Engineers.


  • MSAIIE - the distinctive post nominal title you can boast by being associated with the top engineering institute. Wherever your path takes you, one thing will remain constant - Industrial Engineering will be the foundation on which your career is based and SAIIE will always be your link to that foundation.
  • Membership Certificate - all members receive a SAIIE electronic membership certificate.

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