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Why Corporate Partner Membership?

Written by Cornelius Stephanus Lodewyk Schutte on Wednesday, 5 May 2010 14:26

  • It is important for the Industrial Engineering profession to have employer involvement. As professionals, employers are the main users of our unique skills and abilities. We need to work together to protect and advance this very special profession.
  • Professional Registration is becoming more important for the profession than ever before. SAIIE is a recognised ECSA Voluntary Association, but if we do not have sufficient professional registrations, we are at risk of losing this status. This implies that Industrial Engineering will no longer be recognised as an engineering discipline in South Africa, with the implication that the international accreditation under the Washington and other accords for future IE qualifications will not longer be valid. We owe it to ourselves, IE employers and future Industrial Engineers, to protect and enhance this profession. Professional registration can only be sustainably successful if we involve employers in the training and mentor processes.
  • Employers who become corporate members reconfirm their commitment to the Industrial Engineering Profession, and gets a formal forum to influence the future direction of Industrial Engineers through the planned Corporate Advisory Board.
  • Employers who are Corporate Members also get unique access to the Industrial Engineering community with corporate branding opportunities on our website, at our conferences and through our newsletters.
  • Young members often struggle to pay the annual membership fees. By involving employers, we create an opportunity whereby employers can help to fund membership, thereby increasing our membership, and thereby creating more opportunity for networking with other Industrial Engineers in Southern Africa.
  • Partnership creates opportunity and broadens our influence!

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