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Corporate Partner Membership Options

SAIIE Corporate Partner Membership Options

(All amounts and benefits open for discussion and negotiation.)

Standard Corporate Partner Membership Option – R16 500 plus 15% VAT pa:

Corporate Branding:

  • Corporate Branding on the SAIIE website incorporating your Company logo and 100-word profile together with URL link to own website, in the Corporate Partner Section.


  • 5 Individual associate members of SAIIE – (By default associate members, with option to upgrade). Full benefits as for other Member (Value approx. R5 500)
  • Expedited Membership Approval Process – accepting corporate employment credentials as sufficient
  • Further individual associate memberships can be added at R770 plus 15% VAT per person. 

Other Benefits:

  • 1 Complimentary registration to attend the SAIIE Annual Conference (Value approx. R7 000)
  • Discounted member rates to attend the SAIIE Annual Conference extended to all corporate representatives (ie the SAIIE member discount applies)
  • 2 job vacancy advertisement opportunities on the Career page section of the SAIIE website, and e-mailed to all members (Advertisement to be supplied in an agreed format) (Value approx. R1 200)
  • May accredit one CPD event free via SAIIE (Event must be open to outside IEs)
  • Inclusion on the SAIIE Industry Database - Career/Position Advertisements to Industrial Engineering, additional Exposure on the SAIIE Platform, Events notifications etc. (Value approx. R 6500) 

Premium Corporate Partner Membership Option – R44 000 plus 15% VAT pa:

Corporate Branding:

  • Corporate Branding on the SAIIE website incorporating your Company logo and 100-word profile together with URL link to own website, in the Corporate Partner Section.
  • Corporate Branding at the annual SAIIE conference, and listed as a Corporate Partner in the programme and conference website. Product flyers for inclusion in the conference bag. One full A4 page colour advert in the final conference programme book. 


  • 20 Individual associate members of SAIIE – (By default associate members, but with option to upgrade as for any other member). Full benefits as for other Associate Members. (Value approx. R22 000)
  • Expedited Membership Approval Process – accepting corporate employment credentials as sufficient.
  • Further individual associate memberships can be added at R715 plus 15% VAT per person.
  • A seat on the Corporate Advisory Board, meeting twice per year. The purpose of this board is for employers to get the opportunity to participate in the planning of SAIIE to further the IE discipline and associated disciplines in Southern Africa.

Other Benefits:

  • 2 Complimentary registration to attend the SAIIE Annual Conference (Value approx. R14 000)
  • Discounted member rates to attend the SAIIE Annual Conference extended to all corporate representatives (ie the SAIIE member discount applies)
  • 5 job vacancy advertisement opportunities on the Career page section of the SAIIE website, and e-mailed to all members (Advertisement to be supplied in an agreed format) (Value approx. R3 000)
  • May accredit one CPD event for free via SAIIE (Event must be open to outside IEs)
  • Inclusion on the SAIIE Industry Database - Career/Position Advertisements to Industrial Engineering, additional Exposure on the SAIIE Platform, Events notifications etc. (Value approx. R 6500)





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SAIIE Membership Categories (2020/2021 fees)

Membership Grade Letters of Designation Typical Minimum Requirements for Grade

Membership Fee for 2020/2021 (SAIIE members registered with ECSA - excluding Candidates)

Membership Fee for 2020/2021 (SAIIE members not registered with ECSA)


Honorary Fellow Hon.FSAIIE By invitation By Invitation By Invitation
Fellow FSAIIE A person who has been a Member (MSAIIE) for a minimum of seven years and held the position of professional responsibility in IE R 1 076.00 R 1 710.00
Member MSAIIE An ECSA registered engineering person and/or a person with at least seven years of combined tertiary and practical IE experience R 885.00 R 1 520.00
Associate Member AMSAIIE

A Candidate Engineer/ Technologist/ Technician working towards registration as well as practical experience;
and/ or
A person who expresses a professional interest in IE and is desirous of subscribing to the objectives of the Institute

Student upgrading to AMSAIIE



R 1 410.00


R 860.00



R 1 410.00


R 860.00

Retired Member May retain designation at point of retirement A person shall be at the age of retirement, typically 65 years old R 335.00 R 335.00
Student Member StMSAIIE

A person pursuing a course at a recognised tertiary education institution. Must be less than 30 years of age.

If subscribing in mass through a student branch, the membership fee is only R120 per student.

R 335.00

R 120.00

R 335.00

R 120.00

*Membership is valid from 1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021.


  1. When applying for an upgrade, a person shall apply with the required documentary proof attached to the member upgrade form for council approval.
  2. Invoice for 2020/2021 will be forwarded during May 2020.

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SAIIE Bank Details

Payments of SAIIE fees or other payments/donations can be made electronically or via direct deposit into the bank account:

  • SAIIE bank account:
    • ABSA;
    • Account number 40 535 299 32;
    • Branch code 632005
  • Please use your invoice/membership number as a reference for your payment.
  • E-mail the proof of payment to or

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How do I upgrade my membership?

Your current membership grade:

  • If you registered while you were a student, your initial membership grade is StMSAIIE (Student Member). When you start to work, you should upgrade your membership to Associate Member.
  • If you registered as a young Industrial Engineer, your membership grade is AMSAIIE (Associate Member).As you gain more work experience, you may want to upgrade to full member. (MSAIIE)

If you believe that you qualify for a membership upgrade please login to your SAIIE profile and select "Upgrade my membership". Please ensure to upload your ID, qualification(s) and CV and click then on "Submit my change membership type application".

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Become a Member

SAIIE migrated to a new member management system. All membership applications are now done on-line. Kindly go to and click on "New membership application". As soon as your application is approved you will received an automated response containing your login details, membership number as well as an invoice for annual membership fees. Upon completion of your personal information ensure to add the correct billing address for invoice purposes.  

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Membership Benefits

Knowledge and Support

  • A top website - your link with your profession. Constantly updated, a pleasure to navigate! Our online platform enables you to perform the following activities:

    1. Career Module (Job Vacancies), this will allow companies to advertise positions that is available within their organisations, by the click of a button, and you as a Member of SAIIE can apply for any of these positions. If you have selected certain options, companies can also view your CV for possible positions within the organisation. SAIIE members just need to complete their online CV, and yes, this is free of charge.
    2. Knowledge share platform – Have you ever had a situations where you were looking for additional information regarding our industry, nobody to talk to or not the forum to ask these questions, well the knowledge share platform enables you to ask these questions and get the answers. You can add links, video’s and images to your post, you can also subscribe to interesting topics that are begin discussed or you can just share what you have learned or experienced on the exclusive Member knowledge share platform.
    3. We have implemented 2 events calendars, one for our annual conference and one for our online training and smaller seminars. Please go and view these events and register and attend these sessions. Where applicable, these events will be linked to the CPD Manger.
    4. As a growing Voluntary Association, SAIIE has realised that we can assist our Professionals by managing their CPD points, this CPD Manager will track you CPD points. Pro-actively, the system will advise you when points are needed and it which category, and yes, where you can find this.
    5. Secure online payment options and up to date account information for all SAIIE members.  


  • South African Journal of Industrial Engineering -highly acclaimed internationally, providing members with the cutting edge of South African Industrial Engineering innovations and advances. Available online on the SAIIE website

  • Professional Registration - with the law changing, all practicing engineers will need professional registration. We provide advice as well as mentors and can connect you with the right people locally or abroad as well as the opportunity to register online to attend the Road to Registration Courses for Mentors or Candidates. 
  • Significant Discount - on your Professional registration fee if you are a SAIIE Member. 


SAIIE members can network through the networking options on the SAIIE website. Through various functions such as the SAIIE annual conference, local branch activities and events, you can identify and connect with your peers to benchmark, share ideas and get advice to meet the challenges of your job. Through the SAIIE - IIE link you also have access to the international arena


  • SAIIE Annual Conference - a highlight of the year, this is your opportunity to learn about ground breaking IE theories and World Class practical implementations at a discounted rate. Top class talks from various Industry gurus provide you an opportunity to learn from the best. Gain wide industry exposure through presenting papers to the SAIIE audience.
  • Regular SAIIE Special Interest Group events - attend free of charge. 
  • Link to Training Centres - SAIIE has well-established links to many of the IE training centres throughout South Africa.

Community Development

SAIIE is a member-led organisation. Members serve on various branches and at council level, providing innovative leadership throughout the organisation. You can take part in developing Industrial Engineering in our community and help create a colourful tomorrow for the next generation. Our relationship with the educational bodies is a focus area so that we can stay in touch with the next generation of Industrial Engineers.


  • MSAIIE - the distinctive post nominal title you can boast by being associated with the top engineering institute. Wherever your path takes you, one thing will remain constant - Industrial Engineering will be the foundation on which your career is based and SAIIE will always be your link to that foundation.
  • Membership Certificate - all members receive a SAIIE electronic membership certificate.

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Why Corporate Partner Membership?

  • It is important for the Industrial Engineering profession to have employer involvement. As professionals, employers are the main users of our unique skills and abilities. We need to work together to protect and advance this very special profession.
  • Professional Registration is becoming more important for the profession than ever before. SAIIE is a recognised ECSA Voluntary Association, but if we do not have sufficient professional registrations, we are at risk of losing this status. This implies that Industrial Engineering will no longer be recognised as an engineering discipline in South Africa, with the implication that the international accreditation under the Washington and other accords for future IE qualifications will not longer be valid. We owe it to ourselves, IE employers and future Industrial Engineers, to protect and enhance this profession. Professional registration can only be sustainably successful if we involve employers in the training and mentor processes.
  • Employers who become corporate members reconfirm their commitment to the Industrial Engineering Profession, and gets a formal forum to influence the future direction of Industrial Engineers through the planned Corporate Advisory Board.
  • Employers who are Corporate Members also get unique access to the Industrial Engineering community with corporate branding opportunities on our website, at our conferences and through our newsletters.
  • Young members often struggle to pay the annual membership fees. By involving employers, we create an opportunity whereby employers can help to fund membership, thereby increasing our membership, and thereby creating more opportunity for networking with other Industrial Engineers in Southern Africa.
  • Partnership creates opportunity and broadens our influence!

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Professional Engineering Registration

Professional Status in Perspective as described by ECSA

This question is often asked, particularly since registration is largely voluntary, and with some justification. It would be easier to answer if clearly defined work reservation in terms of the Engineering Profession of South Africa Act, 1990 was a reality. Reserving work constitutes a form of licensing, and without a license a person is prevented from earning a living unless registered. This should in itself be sufficient motivation to register.

However, probably more importantly, the real motivation for registration is rather to be found in the noble aims and objectives of the engineering profession than in direct financial advantage. ECSA, as the statutory leg of the profession and the learned Societies, as the voluntary leg of the profession both aspire to improve professionalism amongst practitioners in the engineering profession. However, their objectives have differing perspectives, because ECSA focuses on public safety, health and interests and the Societies' focus on the interests of their own members (i.e. the practitioners).

Looking only at the ECSA perspective for the moment, promotion of professionalism is achieved by setting and maintaining standards relating to education (accreditation), practical training and professional development after formal education (Policy Statement R1/1), professional conduct and taking such other action as is necessary, at least, to ensure the maintenance of standards.

Every registered person who subscribes to the setting of standards, and the enforced maintenance thereof, should be registered with ECSA. In so doing they not only make this fact known to the public but also make a statement to the effect that they are prepared to subject themselves to the scrutiny of their peers should they conduct themselves improperly. By registering, the hands of the statutory profession can further be strengthened in achieving its goals.

Financial gain or the achievement of status in themselves are merely by-products of registration and not the principal aims, however important to the majority of the practitioners.

Whatever one's motive for registering some identifiable benefits can be directly attributed to registration :


Peer recognition of qualification and experience - recognition by ECSA's committees that you meet the minimum requirements expected of a professional person. This recognition extends to one's colleagues and other practitioners in the profession.

Public confidence in professional competence - professional recognition instills a sense of confidence in the mind of the public, namely that a person meets minimum levels of competence. Furthermore the public feels assured that a person's competence has been assessed by other professionals knowledgeable in one's field of expertise.

Eligibility for membership of certain professional societies - Institutions, such as the S A Institution of Civil Engineering, require that a person must be registered as a professional engineer before Corporate Membership will be granted to a person

International recognition - ECSA is a co-signatory to the "Washington Accord" in terms of which the registering bodies in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland have agreed to recognise each other's accredited university degrees in engineering. This not only confirms that one's academic qualification is internationally acceptable, but also enhances one's marketability

Lifestyle benefits - Having negotiated, in collaboration with the vocational societies in the profession, a financial benefits package with Standard Bank of SA for the exclusive use by registered persons, a registered person can now enjoy special financial benefits, such as reduced lending rates and increased investment rates.

Marketability in employment market - more and more employers are requiring registration as a prerequisite for appointment to certain engineering positions. Non-registered persons find it increasingly difficult to find employment in responsible engineering positions

Exclusive use of reserved names - Every registered person is entitled by the Act to use a particular name (and abbreviation) which describes the particular type of registration, such as Professional Engineer (Pr Eng) or Professional Technologist (Engineering) (Pr Tech (Eng). Non-registered persons who use any of the reserved names or abbreviations are guilty of a criminal offense.

Statutory empowerment - The Engineering Profession of S A Act, 1990 as well as other Acts provide for the reservation of work of an engineering nature for the exclusive performance by registered persons. Examples of work reservation in terms of other legislation can be found in :

Water Act, 1956 (section 9(c)) - in terms of which a professional engineer must be "approved" before being permitted to undertake certain dam safety related tasks; National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977 and regulations, in terms of which a "competent person" is defined as a person registered with ECSA; (Lifts, Escalators and Passenger Conveyor Regulations) promulgated in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993


Confidence in professionalism of staff - since not all employers have been educated and trained in engineering, registration is widely regarded as an additional, and objective, indication of competence.

Recourse in the event of improper conduct - employers may lodge a complaint of improper conduct in the event that a registered employee conducted him/herself unprofessionally. This conduct may range from gross negligence to incompetence. ECSA will investigate a complaint on its own merits and take appropriate action. An employer's benefit lies in the fact that a finding of "guilty" by ECSA may provide grounds for dismissal.

Marketability of firm or organisation - the public and clients respond well to the fact that an organisation employs professional people as a matter of principle.

Compliance with statutory requirements - Legislation, such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 and Regulations, holds employers responsible for the safety of their employees. By appointing an appropriately registered person the employer not only takes appropriate action aimed at safeguarding public safety, but also complies with statutory requirements.


Recognition amongst other professions - systems of professional registration is common in South Africa and across the world and are generally recognised as conferring professional status on those registered under such a system.

ECSA provides the only recognised registration system for engineering in South Africa and this is also recognised by other professions, both locally and abroad.

Public recognition of competence and adherence to minimum standards - for the same reason as in inter-professional recognition, the informed public recognises the value of professional registration, mainly because this affords them an additional measure of protection and "peace of mind".


Safety, Health and Interests of Society protected - apart from precautionary measures taken by the State in its own right, registration serves as an additional safeguard against unsafe practices. This is the engineering profession's contribution towards promoting public safety, health and interests. In this context, ECSA sees itself in partnership with the State.

Preservation of professional standards - with South Africa's increasing globalisation, it has become critical for this country to become competitive at international level. Registration contributes substantially to this process, and ECSA's continued international recognition is in no small measure important for the maintenance of high standards

International recognition - Due to ECSA's efforts, South Africa as a nation is recognised by many other nations as an engineering "powerhouse", which has distinct political and socio-economic advantages for the country.

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