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1 month ago

Do MORE As An Industrial Engineer at RCL FOODS.

At RCL FOODS, we love a sweet, crumbly Ouma rusk. One that crumbles perfectly as you take your first bite after dipping it in your first cup of coffee in the morning. Or the crumble of a freshly toasted slice of Sunbake bread smeared in YUM YUM peanut butter.

Yes, we do love a good crumble, but not when it comes to our supply chain. In fact, we need a talented Industrial Engineer to keep our supply chain as smooth and solid as can be! (You can leave the crumbling to your coffee and rusks in the morning!)

Your recipe to keep our supply chain smooth and solid will include:

  • Designing and delivering supply chain solutions using world-class optimisation, planning and analytics technologies
  • Supporting the design & implementation of complex, in-depth Supply Chain solutions to existing and prospective customers
  • Applying Supply Chain knowledge and advanced analytics to real business requirements to ensure a cost-effective, sustainable, and executable solution is provided, satisfying our customer requirements and helping us to ‘go beyond’.
  • Providing support, analysis, design, and insight regarding network-warehouse and transport optimization

For best results, we’ll need the following ingredients from you too:

  • Degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office packages (especially Excel, Word and Project)
  • Proficient in a CAD package - preferably AutoCad
  • Good understanding of Statistics
  • Self-driven and self-motivated
  • Someone who sees and does things differently
  • Dedicated and disciplined
  • Strong leadership and project management skills

If you’re salivating after reading our smoothly solid supply chain recipe, then we want to know MORE about you.

At RCL FOODS, MORE is our favourite four-letter word; one that is deeply rooted in our DNA. Bringing MORE Food to MORE People MORE Often has the power to change lives and we believe that we can do this, together with brave, curious, real, honest, passionate people. If you believe you’ve got the above and MORE to offer, our Industrial Engineering department would love to get to know you better.



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