Human Lean 101


This short webinar aims to bring Industrial Engineering Practitioners and Lean Practitioners up to speed on just a few, but critical, people management aspects. As a ‘101’ this webinar could be regarded as a basic skills package for Industrial Engineering Practitioners.

Almost everyone now agrees that successful Industrial Engineering requires competence in both tools and in people aspects. Lean, being a subset of Industrial Engineering, is no different. In fact the human side is even more relevant for successful transformation towards a ‘Lean Enterprise’. But both the tools and human aspects are expanding at a rapid rate. Kaizen tools are well established, human aspects less so. In particular, Continuous Improvement (CI) is central to Lean, and here people aspects are particularly relevant. That is the focus here. Although the people-in-work field is vast there are concepts in the area of work improvement that all should be aware of. This is not a webinar on general motivation, bur rather how to train, keep gaining, and maintaining the culture of CI.

This webinar is validated for 0.2 CPD credits.

Click on the above link to watch the recording. Passcode: 6FOf!FTW