Process Optimisation in Public Health: Gauteng

In the presentation the presenters presented their Optimisation journey through various Public Health hospitals. The "As Is" situation at each of the institutions. The decision taken to ensure Optimisation remains on track. The IE principles applied through the methodologies of the Kano Model, the Shingo Model, the Cynefin Model, Lean Six Sigma model, Kaizen, CATWOE model, Systems Thinking and various other models. Furthermore, the need for change management was also explored through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, McGregor’s Theory Y and X and Herzberg’s Two Theory Motivational Factors. The latter was done to ensure the human factor in Lean Optimisation is fully exploited. Root cause analysis were also undertaken in selected processes and the Pharmacy Lean journey will be referred to. A rich picture of the complex systems within a hospital will be discussed as well. This webinar is validated for 0,2 CPD credits.

Please click on the link for the power point presentation.